Mind as Well Book Release

Mind as Well

A Journey From Discovery to Recovery and Beyond

New author alert. Book Debut. Soon to be released on Amazon.com. Stay tuned!

More Than Just a Salad

If you are like me, you have rolled your eyes more than once when your group has chosen a dinner place and then excitedly turned to you and said, “Hey, Tamia. You can come too. They have salad!” Restricting myself to a limited assortment of usually wilted iceberg lettuce and overripe beefsteak tomatoes is not…

Making Peace With Our Beliefs

When what we have always thought or believed does not line up with our actions or when something or someone that we have believed strongly in suddenly conflicts with a personal belief we have there can be a sense of strong discomfort. Psychologists refer to this process as cognitive dissonance. With the world most recently…

Lifestyle as Wellness

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Trying to Make Sense of This World

✨ “Don’t torture yourself, nurture yourself”: A message from me to me. I sincerely believe, as a society we have inherited and in some ways ingested violence. I’ve witnessed it in my own ways of thinking and being. The status quo and maintaining of it ad nauseam is harmful. By clinging to ways of doing…


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