More Than Just a Salad

If you are like me, you have rolled your eyes more than once when your group has chosen a dinner place and then excitedly turned to you and said, “Hey, Tamia. You can come too. They have salad!” Restricting myself to a limited assortment of usually wilted iceberg lettuce and overripe beefsteak tomatoes is not my idea of good plant based eating or fun. I had to empower myself and my social circle if we were going to dine together and be satisfied. This digital directory seeks to do just that: Take the leg work and guess work out of choosing a restaurant so we can all dine in or out well together.

It is important to know where to go to get food that supports your well-being. Research says that well-being centered choices as default items increases the likelihood of sustainable wellness. So here is a list of my favorite go-to spots that require little or no substitutions and have a wide variety of delicious options.

If your favorite spot is not listed, but you would like a recommendation for what customizable options are available, add the name of the restaurant, their website or upload their menu. I am also available to consult with chefs, restaurants, and food preparers on cost effective ways to meet the plant based palette.

Christopher’s Kitchen, fine vegan cuisine and perfect for an upscale date night whether dining in or out.

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