Making Peace With Our Beliefs

When what we have always thought or believed does not line up with our actions or when something or someone that we have believed strongly in suddenly conflicts with a personal belief we have there can be a sense of strong discomfort. Psychologists refer to this process as cognitive dissonance.

With the world most recently being turned upside down and the accessibility of technology and real-time violence at our fingertips that we may not have accessed quite so quickly or readily, it may seem as though the very world we may have been living in is a complete fallacy. We may even find ourselves grappling with what is truth vs what is false and desperately looking for absolutes, for grounding or a sense of normalcy.

Perhaps an explanation is sought or clarification: Did I really just see that or did I really just hear that? Sometimes we may seek counsel from trusted friends, loved ones, or a community. We may wave it off as incorrect information, and other times we may allow our once strongly held beliefs to be challenged in order to line up with who we say we truly are and who we say we want to be.

There is no definitive timeline in how this thought process rolls out. There is acceptance and rejection: What beliefs will we hold to and what beliefs will we reject or release. An idea that I had to reject is the idea that everyone is actively seeking to live in an equitable, just society. My personal experiences have shown that is not everyone’s priority. Also varied is what just looks like.

Humanity, the right to live free from oppression, undue harm, and lack…the right to be joyous and pursue happiness, to love and be loved without the burden of violence greeting us and rightfully attaining those things–that is Just, in my eyes. This is a human right to be selfishly pursued and protected with all deliberate speed. In my journey of wellness, I declare to not only pursue my own peace, but to to be a peace maker and peace keeper as well. Rather it come by prayer, by shelter, wealth or sword, we will have peace. I will have and be peace.

Having a well developed consciousness, a supportive community, and plan of action that includes networks of safety, resources, and revenue is critical. This fight and state of our union is not new, though it may be new to us. This is the time we review our beliefs and our reality and take relevant action to either strengthen our current network bonds or build new routes. But by all means, act we must.

Action differs for many people. For me, action is strong body, strong mind, supportive networks, wealth of resources, food, land, and shelter. I will continue to build the networks of support for the just and equitable society that I desire. That is both my goal and my declaration.

love and light


I was finding it rather difficult to feel loved and loving, then I encountered this meditative offering. Ruth King offers the meditation practice of meta: loving kindness first for ourselves, for our loved ones, for a neutral person, lastly for a difficult person or emotion. This practice of meta can be a gift to ourselves in navigating in a world that often times does not makes sense and brings pain, whether undiscovered and unprocessed. The gift of breath, peace, and pause even into sitting with whatever emotion arises, until a clear action can be taken, is a tool of both liberation and forward progress.

Ruth King’s guided meditation can be accessed through the liberate meditation app, among other places. A link is included below. The Liberation meditation app may require a subscription, but it is well worth it. If you do encounter it, please share and continue to be in peace.

Be Well, Friends



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