Making Wellness a Habit

Mind as Well…

Self care.

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The business of life can be intoxicating and suffocating. Giving yourself permission to pause is paramount. Pausing also requires practice so that calm can become a habit.

Taking A P.A.U.S.E involves:

  • Awareness
  • Preparation/Permission
  • Action
  • Understanding
  • Support
  • Education

Awareness is a step towards our goal. It makes our new target come on the radar, so being aware that we want more peace or places to refresh is important. Don’t discount the power of awareness.

Preparation creates spaces in our lives for this change. Maybe it’s wrapping our minds around the concept or adjusting our schedule. What it is not is attempting to add another task to our usually long list of things to do. Preparation may require letting go, even of mindsets. Permission is just that: Permission to pause. Permission to Be Well. Simple.

Action is the plan to be consistent. What steps are we taking to execute this new thing? Is it downloading a meditation app or getting a workout buddy or simply applying what we have already prepared? How will we move forward?

Understanding is gentleness with ourselves and others and realizing that our commitment to wellness is a journey. Be gentle. Others may not understand, but the first principle of yoga is Ahimsa: Do no harm. We will do no harm even in our thoughts and speech to ourselves. Practicing loving kindness with ourselves will help to usher the pause we need.

Support is lining up who and what we need for this change to be sustainable. Our regular network of friends and family may not understand. Either join this walk with a partner or partner up with a like minded crew once you get started. Do not try to go at it alone.

Education is needed to tailor this new practice to your personality, lifestyle and needs. It may also require materials, food ingredients, or software access. Be prepared to research what you need to sustain your wellness plan.

Breathe. Move. Eat fresh. Live. Laugh. Love. Rest. Hydrate. Release. Be.

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